Our Services

Services we provide are as follows:



Our Officers

Each and every officer we employ is Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Board licensed and certified. Our security officers receive extensive background searches, which includes a thorough finger print search that is sent to Austin D.P.S. and F.B.I. for Criminal History investigation, prior to employment with our firm. All officers must master the State Board required Level I and Level II exams prior to employment. Our commissioned Officers, are also given the required Level III exam, which consists of firearm proficiency, legalities, and firearm procedures.

Roving Motor Patrol

The Roving Patrol service has proven to be an effective and cost efficient way to protect your premises. Patrols are performed consistently, including holidays. Each Motor Patrol Officer has had extensive training in addition to our basic training. Our Patrol units are marked with distinct reflective graphics, including spot lights, sirens, and overhead lighting as well. Each vehicle is fully equipped with 2-way police and security radio.The Officer may be contacted at a moments notice. These Patrols give you more than a drive by your property. Each site is checked thoroughly by patrol and spot lighted. Next the officer will conduct a foot patrol of the area including checking gates, doors, windows, locks, and more as requested by the client. These patrols are scheduled so that they never become a routine check. Once the officer has checked your location he/she swipes a bar code that will give you the client, the exact time the officer was there. Caution is always set forth to randomly patrol the area at various times. This service is a very inexpensive way to receive everyday security at a reasonable price.

Video Surveillance

A.I.S.I. is the only firm in South Texas to offer said service. We don’t just sell you video equipment we also monitor it. Yes, you can leave your place of business and let A.I.S.I. trained dispatchers monitor your facility from our corporate command center. Our services are provided 24/7. Contact one of our sales representatives for a free price quote. You’ll be surprised to see how inexpensive it is to have your place secured.

Private Investigation

The A.I.S.I. team of private investigators use professional, effective, and trustworthy methods to make sure your case is solved and your questions are answered. They’ve successfully completed cases dealing with murder, Workman’s Comp. and insurance fraud, fugitive runaways, cases dealing with marital infidelity, piracy and Copyright issues, accident investigations and much more. A.I.S.I. uses the most advanced technological equipment during covert operations and debugging procedures.

Security Consultations

A.I.S.I. is here to serve you by offering a security consultation to assist you in analyzing a plan of action that would best suit the security and safety needs for your business. This will help save your company time as well as money by using a proactive approach to loss prevention.

Information Data Base

A.I.S.I. is currently On-line with several up to the minute information Data Bases. We have access to obtain Motor Vehicle License Plates, Drivers License History, Social Security Number Search, Change of Address, Skip Tracing, Asset Searches, Workman’s Comp. Previous Claims, Criminal History and Background Check as well.